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Freedom from Torture

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About Freedom from Torture

No one should experience torture. It is simply wrong. But Freedom from Torture believe that those who have, and who have come to the UK for safety, deserve our compassion and support to recover. They need to heal, to feel safe and strong again, and be able to rebuild their lives. And yet, torture survivors in the UK experience a hostile asylum system. Many find themselves housed or detained in conditions that can cause further trauma. 


That is why Freedom from Torture exists. To offer a welcome environment, and hope for a better future, to people who have experienced the worst of humanity. We are here for people as they put themselves back together and rebuild their lives.


For over 30 years, Freedom from Torture's therapists and clinicians have worked with survivors of torture to rebuild their physical and mental health. Their doctors document evidence of torture. Their lawyers and welfare advisors help survivors with their asylum cases and living conditions.


Led by torture survivors themselves, they campaign against torture and for the rights of survivors seeking asylum. They support torture survivors in their recovery as they heal from trauma, re-establish relationships and trust, recover their confidence and their voice, put their lives back together, and feel newly empowered.


Freedom from Torture are here to help torture survivors live for the future, not in the pain of the past.


To find our more about what you can do, please visit  


Instagram: @freedomfromtorture

Twitter: @freefromtorture

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