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We are honoured to have three eminent creatives judge this competition

Kolbassia Haoussou MBE

Kolbassia Haoussou MBE serves as the head of Freedom from Torture's Survivor Empowerment Directorate, playing a pivotal role in fostering a culture of survivor activism and ensuring the centralization of survivors in all facets of the organization. Beyond his leadership role, Kolbassia is a passionate photographer and filmmaker, actively sharing his expertise through his YouTube Channel dedicated to teaching photography and camera use. His commitment to empowering others to unlock their potential adds both depth and breadth to the judging panel, reflecting his remarkable dedication to political activism.

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Aisha Olamide Seriki

Aisha Olamide Seriki, a Nigerian multimedia artist currently residing in London, specialises in fine art photography. Her work delves into the intricate relationship between historical narratives and contemporary realities, utilising the past as a method to comprehend and communicate present-day existence. Having recently earned her Master's degree in photography from the Royal College of Art, Aisha draws inspiration from a combination of imagination and personal experiences. Through carefully staged photographs, she endeavours to visualise a holistic conception of being, challenging the colonial imagination of self. As an esteemed judge, Aisha brings a fresh perspective to the panel, showcasing her exceptional ability to address challenging social issues through her art. 

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Adrian Evans

Adrian is the director of the distinguished Panos Pictures, a photo agency representing an international network of documentary photographers specializing in global social issues. Prior to joining the agency in 1990, Adrian worked as a freelance graphic designer before transitioning to photography at the Hutchison archive. Under his leadership, Panos Pictures has become a renowned photo agency for concerned photojournalism, recognised in the industry for its intelligent and sensitive commentaries on social issues. Adrian’s extensive background brings expertise and a unique insight to the judging panel of the Freedom from Torture Photography Competition.

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